IVI's World

IVI provides full destination management services for groups and events at 40+ destinations in 7 countries.

We are running the largest DMC network in Latin America through offices at Los Cabos, Monterrey, Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta and Cancun in Mexico, at Buenos Aires in Argentina, Sao Paulo in Brazil, Santiago in Chile, at San José covering Costa Rica and Panama and at...

Why Argentina?

Argentina is the southernmost country in South America, and the fourth most populous Spanish-speaking country in the world. Its stretched-out, north-south physical geography produces many different micro-climates, which help to make Argentina a country of fascinating diversity and immense beauty. It shares borders with Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, and Chile. To the west and south Argentina is bound by the...

Why Brazil?

Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world. It is the largest country in South America. Sharing borders with every nation on the continent except Chile and Ecuador; it covers nearly half of South America. The Atlantic Ocean extends along the entire eastern side of the country, offering spectacular coastlines and beaches.

Why Chile?

Chile's remarkable variety of landscapes are complemented by its sophisticated cities, developed infrastructure, a gripping history, and a fast-evolving culture. All of which combines to make travel here reassuringly easy, always inspiring, often surprising, and never disappointing.

Why Costa Rica?

Because paradise is irresistible! Costa Rica perfectly blends beauty, nature, diversity, adventure, and savoir de vivre; no other destination can provide all these factors in the right proportion like Costa Rica, due to its very unique geographic, historical, and political characteristics.

Why Dominican Republic? 

We have it all!

Sugary white sand beaches and crystalline blue waters; with more than 30 golf courses it is the golf destination in the Caribbean. Offering luxurious hotels, tropical weather all year around and the worlds finest cigars. Not to mention flight connections to all continents, unthinkable activities and excursions, warm and friendly people, and endless joyful...

Why Mexico?

The interesting and stunning diversity of Mexico’s 32 states are truly unique. Each state has countless tourist destinations offering a wide array of activities such as water sports, extreme tours, theme parks, night life, archeological sites, museums, professional golf courses, and tasteful cuisine. Throughout Mexico there are excellent flight connections. Anywhere you go you will encounter the folklore, culture...

Why Panama?

Panama, as any map will show you, is located in Central America, bordered by Costa Rica on the west and Colombia on the east. Panama is surrounded by two oceans: the Caribbean and the Pacific. Any encyclopedia will report that Panama is characterized by its biodiversity, its system of protecting the environment, social stability, high education levels and efficient infrastructure and services. Leisure travelers and...